Volatility Trading - simple, yet effective
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Navigate complex volatility instruments with confidence.






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Diversify with Volatility

Easy to Follow

Receive a Daily Update email with updates to our current positions, and weekly market analysis.  All trades are executed with MOO (market-on-open) or MOC (market-on-close) orders, eliminating the need to watch the market tick for tick, and ensuring everyone receives the same price.
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Built on rigorously tested principles to deliver a long-term edge.  Methodically executed to reduce risk and maximize reward.
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Strong Performance

Our strategies have produced exceptional results on both an absolute and relative basis.
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Our simple, yet rigorous, approach allows investors to successfully navigate complex volatility instruments with confidence.
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We trade volatility ETP’s to strategically capture the risk premiums in the VIX term structure, without taking undue risk.
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Start following our strategies for only $79/month.  You’ll receive Daily Update emails with updates to our current positions, and weekly market analysis.
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Subscriber Feedback

"Hey guys, just wanted to shoot you a big thank you, super happy with my results I've been killing it since using your strategies.  Appreciate how simple you've made it, thanks!"
Nick S.
"I've been a subscriber to VIX Strategies for several years now with great returns. What's amazed me has been the drive to improve, even when they've already found a winning formula. These new strategies they've developed have helped me lower risk, avoid overnight volatility, and completely dodge the biggest drawdowns."
Taylor J.
"Since being a subscriber, my understanding of volatility trading has grown exponentially, and it’s great knowing I’m trading alongside a professional.  The strategies are really easy to follow, and I appreciate that Jason is always willing to answer questions whenever I need help.  The great performance I’ve had doesn’t hurt either!"
Ryan R.