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Volatility has many characteristics (mean-reversion, risk premiums, contango/backwardation in futures term structure, low correlation to S&P 500, etc.) that make it a unique asset class, and that have recently caused VIX strategies and products (such as XIV and VXX) to grow in popularity.  Many strategies have emerged to try to take advantage of the unique opportunities that are present, yet few successfully do so while also handling the extreme ups and downs.  Our goal is to help you navigate VIX strategies with a simple, yet rigorous approach, that has historically produced higher returns and lower drawdowns than other popular strategies.  Our strategies take advantage of roll-yield, the volatility risk premium in VIX futures, and spot VIX mean-version.

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Easy to Follow

Receive a daily email with the current position(s) as well as any changes to the position(s).  On average, we trade less than 25 times per year, and most trade orders are placed the following day using a MOO (market on open) order, eliminating the need to watch the market tick for tick, and ensuring everyone receives the same price.

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Built on solid principles to give us a long-term statistical advantage, rather than optimizing the past.  While not guaranteed, we believe results will persist in the furture.

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Strong Performance

Our strategies have performed exceptionally well against a XIV buy & hold approach, achieving a higher CAGR, higher Gain/Loss ratio, and lower drawdown.

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Our simple, yet rigorous, approach allows investors to successfully navigate complex volatility instruments with confidence, while taking advantage of roll-yield, the volatility risk premium, and VIX mean-version.

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Unlike other popular volatility strategies, our strategies consider not only the volatility risk premium found in VIX futures, but also the structure of the VIX futures curve (roll-yield) and mean-reversion of spot VIX.  In turn, our strategies utilize ETNs based on VIX futures (XIV, VXX, etc), as well as index options.  This gives us an edge over other one-dimensional volatility strategies.

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Start following our strategies today for as little as $79/month.  You’ll receive daily emails with the current position(s), updates to the position(s), blog posts, and other commentary.
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What Our Subscribers Have to Say

“I save a ton of time and energy knowing that I have someone else watching the market for me.  That, coupled with the fact that trades are relatively infrequent, makes following VIX Strategies really simple.”- Nick S.

“I enjoy reading the Daily Updates and gaining insights into the markets.  I now have the confidence to trade what can sometimes be confusing volatility products and strategies.  I highly recommend VIX Strategies to anyone interested in trading volatility!” – Jessica M.

“I used to analyze volatility trades myself, but am happy to hand over the work to someone else.  Using MOO orders gives me plenty of time to place trades, and prevents me from having to constantly watch the market all day.  That in itself is worth the cost of a subscription.” – John Z.

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