Volatility strategies have recently exploded in popularity.  This relatively new asset class, however, can be daunting to navigate for the untrained investor.  Our goal is to help you trade volatility with a simple, yet rigorous approach that has historically produced exceptional results.

You can follow our strategies for only $79/month.  We’ll send you a Daily Update email with updates to our current positions, and weekly market analysis.


In 2017, VIX Strategies joined Invest In Vol as a Volatility Strategist.  Invest In Vol is a Registered Investment Advisor offering clients a diverse set of volatility strategies in one managed account.

FACT SHEET: Intraday Volatility Yield Strategy

Jason MacArthur, CFA

          Owner / Trader

Jason MacArthur, CFA, is an investment professional who has been studying, developing, and trading investment strategies since 2007, with a focus on volatility strategies since 2011.  He has a passion for helping others succeed in the financial markets, and founded VIX Strategies in 2015 to educate others on trading volatility.  In 2017, Jason joined Invest In Vol – The Volatility Advisor as a Volatility Strategist.  Jason has prior experience in funding startups, fixed-income portfolio management, and mergers and acquisitions.  He graduated summa cum laude from Washington State University with a BA in Business Administration.