VIX Strategies works with Collective 2, a highly trusted online platform that connects investors with top-performing traders, to offer auto-trading capabilities for our swing strategies.  We charge no additional fees for auto-trading (if you’re a subscriber to VIX Strategies, we’ll waive the $145/month Collective 2 subscription fee).

Roll-Yield + VRP

Tactical Volatility Pro

ZIV Swing Trader


We do not currently offer auto-trading for our intraday strategies.

Note: Collective 2 charges $99/month to utilize their auto-trade feature (you can auto-trade an unlimited number of strategies).

Auto-Trade Capabilities

Automatically make the same trades as our strategies in your own brokerage account.  You relax while we do the work.

Well Respected

Trusted to link over $50 million dollars between 95,000+ users.

Stay In Control

Set your trade size.  Monitor and adjust trades.  Track trading performance and stats in real-time.