VIX futures spend a majority of time in contango.  This creates a positive tailwind for XIV, causing its price to trend up over time.  This positive trend, however, does not come without large drawdowns from time-to-time.  For example, XIV experienced a drawdown of over 70% in 2011.  Drawdowns of this magnitude eliminate a buy and hold approach for most people.

A simple way to potentially outperform a buy and hold approach is to scale in/out of drawdowns in XIV.  The idea is intuitive – if an asset is expected to trend up over time, the best time to buy is during troughs (effectively buying low).

Below are the results of following a simple process of increasing exposure to XIV as the level of drawdown increases, and adjusting that exposure back to the base-level once the drawdown in XIV is eliminated.


Note: no attempt was made to “optimize” the drawdown/scaling percentages



There are three key observations for the scaling strategy:

1) Drawdowns are less severe, including lower max drawdown (51% vs 74%)

2) Drawdowns are shorter in duration

3) Total return is higher (474% vs 281%)


It’s easy to see that scaling into drawdowns of XIV may give you a significant edge over a buy and hold approach.  A scaling approach by itself, however, may still not be a viable strategy (max drawdown may still be too large).

However, if we combine information from the VIX futures curve (to determine the most opportune times to be long XIV) with a scaling in/out function, we may be able to significantly improve results compared to both buy and hold and scaling in/out approaches.  Our Tactical Volatility Pro and  XIV Yield Trader strategies attempts to do just that.  Below are backtested results for these strategies since 2011:




While past performance does not guarantee futures results, it’s hard to ignore the potential power of a multidimensional strategy.  We believe strategically altering exposure to take advantage of drawdowns in XIV gives us a significant advantage over a buy and hold approach, as well as most other volatility strategies that are purely signal based.


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